Bunnies Abound

They say don’t put all your eggs in one basket but perhaps a few bunnies wouldn’t hurt. I just released some bunnies in shop this week just in time for those Easter baskets and couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out!

As my boyfriend can attest to, I gush at every bunny I see. Pet bunnies or rabbits in the backyard it makes no difference, I turn into a puddle of joy at just the sight. So, when it came time to make Easter bunnies I geeked out as calmly as I could.

So without further ado, meet the newest critters, Piper and Huey!

Piper (purple bunny) is named after the way her two front teeth make a whistling noise every time she pronounces a “P”. Though it keeps her from giving speeches it adds to her endearing nature. Piper has gracious good manners, loves to sing, believes in the tooth fairy, and always picks up pennies she finds. She has a way of letting time get away from her and sometimes trips on her own ears but doesn’t mind because she thinks its funny. 

Huey (white bunny) is Bea the bunny’s younger brother. Don’t let his looks and size fool you. Huey is a gregarious little guy and pretty popular with all sorts of creatures in the garden but that may be due in part to growing up within a large family. He is most proud of winning the Annual Bunny Hop two years in a row and hopes to go national someday. In the spring Huey can come down with a terrible case of hay fever, during which he sometimes snores in the chord of G. His favorite things are snuggles and cherry flavored candies. 

Adopt any MozooCritters stuffed animal by Wednesday April 13th and receive two day shipping at no extra cost. (For domestic shipping only). Hoppy Easter, folks! 🐰🐰🐰



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