Top Picks for March 27 – April 2

Sharing the things that get me groovin’:



Noisli is a saving grace for all you easily distracted bloggers out there or those who just want a stress-free writing environment. Noisli is a free online writing service that provides it’s users with a collection of background noises to mix and match in order to get that perfect productivity sound environment set to your taste. You can write onsite with its no frills text editor but don’t be surprised when the background starts to sway its way through the color spectrum. And if you want to time your writing, there’s a feature for that, too. Sign up today and get writing!

2. Caroline Smith (and the goodnight sleeps)

caroline-smith-2013-620x350Caroline Smith is a Minneapolis singer-songwriter who got started at a young age playing music she wrote at a local pizza joint. Along the way she met drummer Arlen Peifferbefore, bassist Jesse Schuster, and multi-instrumentalist Alex Ramsey to form Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps. The Goodnight Sleeps is an indie precursor to Caroline Smith’s more mature and soulful sound. They cajole us along with tangy upbeat rhythms and buoyant lyrics that borders on the innocent yet maintains a sense of urgency. After finding it tiring to keep up with the demands of indie music trends Caroline Smith decided it was time to be more authentic to herself (and I am glad she did!). In her album, Half About Being a Woman, which was released in 2012, Caroline hit us with an r&b debut that confronts us with topics about femininity and womanhood. With strong female vocals inspired by artists such as Alicia Keys and TLC  I’m excited to see what’s in store for her upcoming albums.

3. Etsy crush, Flowersarerad:

etsy2As an Etsy seller myself its hard not to get jealous over the work of others. There are so many talented people out there!! And flowersarerad is no exception. Owner Laura Filas is my new Etsy crush. She has a great eye for creating work that is both simplistic and dreamy. Her illustrations carry reoccurring imagery such as moths, roses, and cacti that highlight a sense of nostalgia and playfulness. You can get her work as prints, tote bags, and t-shirts. Support handmade artists!

4. DIY Pillow Project

pretzelHow cute is this pillow?! If you are a junk foodie like me this DIY project speaks for itself. Studio DIY has us craving to make these easy pretzel pillows. Just follow a simple set of nine steps with accompanying photos and you’ll have these puppies made in no time!

5. Le Hérisson

hedgehog1.jpgThose who know me can tell you I don’t spend much time watching movies or tv. So when I recommend a movie it is definitely something I think is a gem. And if The Hedgehog is anything of that sort, in my opinion it is a diamond. Originally in French, Le Hérisson (The Hedgehog) is based off the novel, The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery. It follows, Paloma, a precocious and philosophical young girl who has decided to commit suicide the day she turns twelve. Documenting her existence within the social sphere of her rich family through the lens of her video camera Paloma fosters a cynical view of the world with observations as poignant as they come. It isn’t until she meets the enigmatic concierge and the new neighbor down the hall just days before her birthday that her once certain ideas about life begin to shift. Though it may move slow for some, I treasure the sensibility this film has to offer and I hope you will to.


6. Paper Girls

papergirlsIf you are thinking about getting into comics or already are and just need a new read, take a chance on Paper Girls. I’m glad I did! Its a fun sci-fi romp through the time and space with some bad-ass paper girls just trying to get to grips with their new reality. Or is it? Paper girls comes from acclaimed writer Brian K. Vaughn and talented artists Cliff Chiang, and Edward Knott. The series is currently up to 12 issues and has been nominated for Goodreads Choice Awards Best Graphic Novels and Comics.

7. Mix & Match Planters

planters1Mixing planters is the best thing since… well, plants! Give some character to your leafy friends this spring by planting them in unique containers. The crazier the better. Try your local flea markets and antique stories for a variety such as old tea kettles, ceramic creamers, old (non working!) cameras, piggy banks, and whatever else floats your boat. Just make sure you can carefully drill a hole in the bottom of your “planter” so that excess water can drain out.

8. Holy Crepe!

crepe2Time to shake up your dinner plans this week. Ever since ordering a crepe at a local cafe crepes have been on my mind. Here are some Pinterest crepe recipes I just can’t resist:
Herb Crepes
Steak, Spinach, Mushroom Crepes
Apple Cinnamon Crepes
Poppyseed Lemon Crepes

9. Postcrossing

post.pngPost is not dead, yet. Check out if you love receiving real mail. Postcrossing is a free website where users can sign up to send and receive postcards from around the world. All you need is some wacky postcards, a pen, a couple of stamps, and a username. Users are randomly assigned an address to send their postcards to which makes for a fun and interesting surprise with every post. Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s yours!

10. Diana F+ Cameras

tumblr_lrz0y3vq901r3blvmo1_1280.jpgThese little guys are on my wish list, although, I have more analog cameras than one should need. Lomography’s Diana F+ is an excellent (and lets not forget to mention, cheap) way of getting into the world of film photography. The Diana F+ is a revival of the popular 1960’s Diana camera known for its lo-fi and stylistic photos. There is a little less control with the Diana F+ but it allows you the freedom to be creative and explore the possibilities. With gel filters, flash, and split lens the world is yours to capture. Check out the Diana F+ gallery. Photo on the left was taken by ceduxi0n.



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