Just remember the Viburnum

“It’s insolence caught me off guard. It wasn’t that the sight was anything out-of-the-ordinary. Bushes grow entwined in fences everywhere. It was how it completely altered its surroundings — swallowing the fence top to bottom with a voracious green…”

25 and Drive

With my birthday also came an expired driver’s license. Not necessarily the best birthday present I’ve received in my time but if I was looking for a sense of maturity in my now “wizened” age, doing something as mundane as renewing my license was just the thing. The following day I headed to what could be ranked in the top ten of most despised places in the modern American society: the MVD.

The way the headlights sear the skies

Staring out the passenger window I watched as the landscape turned from cityscape to a kaleidoscope of dusty colors. Sometimes red. Sometimes yellow. Sometimes purple. A year now gone in this desert town and already the land is fading towards that blind spot in my eye. That spot where the familiar sights go and memory takes over. But not the mountains. Never the mountains. They are sentinel and timeless.